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Why should you take our courses?

Control how you learn & progress

Asynchronous delivery

Our courses have been developed to allow you to follow a structured process in your own time and at your own pace over the course of a week per unit

Progressive levels

Start at the beginning with our foundation-type courses and progress level by level to achieve the greatest results

Guidance and feedback

Our Digital Professors respond personally to your exercise and reflection submissions

Industry expertise

All our programmes are built in collaboration with industry experts and key players

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Come join our Founders and Digital Professors to learn more about Digital Fashion 101 and our new 3DESIGN courses and what they can mean to you
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listen and watch what our students had to say

Reflections by our first Digital Fashion 101 cohort

These were trailblazing students stretching around the globe from Los Angeles to Melbourne 
Digital Fashion 101 is available on our Smashcut platform 
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Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get from others?

We are digital first and created our academy to be just that.  Our founders and digital professors have vast international industry and academic experience.  Our collaborative partners input to our courses and are the key players in the digital fashion industry.

How can I choose my courses?

This depends on your level of experience and your aims and objectives.  Consider what it is you want to achieve and how much time you can dedicate to your learning before committing to a course.

What courses should I take?

Be in control of your digital fashion journey - build and develop your knowledge and skills to suit your experience, desires, and goals.

What payment support options are there?

Our Stripe payment system accepts a variety of methods including SEPA transfer.

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