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3Design: the Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Design

Our unique foundation level creative course teaching you about digital fashion development using contemporary 3D software to build the new digital design skills you need for your future fashion work practices.

You will be guided through our 3D working methods with CLO3D and with reference to interfacing software such as Substance Painter, C4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, Mixamo, DAZ, and ZBrush.

Asynchronous Online Course

Unique features


Starting date

January 30

Primary Software



6 weeks
36 Hours


€ 1,200 + taxes
6 Scholarships

What you are going to learn & experience

This is a unique contemporary course

This course immerses you in the 3D design world taking you on a journey that can deliver both digital and phygital fashion
Throughout this course you will experiment with various software used for digital fashion design and will explore your place in the digital and phygital worlds:

  • Develop Clo3D skills
  • Understand the digital fashion mindset
  • Research contemporary design
  • Identify your place in the digital and phygital world of fashion
  • Design within the digital sphere
who teaches this course

These are our Digital Professors for 3Design

Designer - Instructor
Ineke Siersema
Designer - Instructor
zil vostalova

Course reviews

"The Digital Fashion Group Academy is the best learning platform I found so far. I was really surprised with the possibilities."
Shannon Sim
Fashion Courses Leader LASALLE College of Arts, Singapore
3Design is the best digital design course I found so far. The possibilities are endless."
Jye Marshall
Digital Designer, Melbourne, Australia