3DESIGN: The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Design

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Digital transformation is reshaping the future of the fashion industry with 3D virtual fashion design placed at the core.

This is the first of 3 courses in our 3DESIGN specialism providing the digital design skills needed to stimulate creative thinking for your career in fashion.

Our real time, step-by-step instruction method, delivered by 3D experts help you understand how to apply digital to your fashion design practice while gaining powerful insights into the latest software.

We teach with CLO3D and other interfacing software to guide the development of your own signature as a digital fashion designer.  If you do not have your own CLO3D licence, the course includes access to an official CLO3D academic licence for 2 months (NB. The last intake to benefit from this is November 4, 2023.  After that intake the CLO3D academic licence will not be available).

At the end of the course, you will have an opportunity to join one of our industry collaboration projects to showcase your work on a digital platform.
Start Dates & Student Numbers

First Saturday each month
15 places

Course Format

Online Course

Duration & Workload

6 Units/36 hours
Units released every 7 days

Primary Software

CLO3D interfacing with
Illustrator & Photoshop

Unique Features



€1,200 +taxes

What you are going to experience

This unique contemporary course includes future project collaboration with our industry partners

This course immerses you in the 3D design world taking you on a journey that can deliver both digital and phygital fashion
Throughout this course you will be guided to experiment with various software used for digital fashion design and will explore your place in the digital and phygital worlds to:

  • Develop CLO3D skills
  • Understand the digital fashion mindset
  • Research contemporary design
  • Identify your place in the digital and phygital world of fashion
  • Design within the digital sphere

Following your course we will work with our industry partners to periodically select outfits/collections for asset creation and digitisation for inclusion in their online platforms.
  • who teaches this course

These are our Digital Professors for 3DESIGN

Designer - Instructor
Ineke Siersema
Designer - Instructor
zil vostalova
Lecturer - Advisor
Leslie holden
Lecturer - Advisor
sean chiles

Frequently asked questions

Who should take this course

The person that this course should appeal to
  • Individuals seeking to become digital fashion designers
  • Fashion design professionals skilled in 3D virtual prototyping who would like to apply more fashion emphasis
  • Fashion Students or professionals seeking professional development

What this course provides

The content and materials you will receive while taking this course
  • Exclusive content across 6 units of video instruction by our Digital Professors Ineke Siersema and Zil Vostalova (Gizmo.lab), quizzes, assignments, and industry insights
  • Comprehensive study materials arranged as eBooks with access to the files required for development and experimentation
  • Collaboration with industry partners to translate digital assets for the Metaverse

What you will learn

Some of the knowledge and skills you will gain by taking this course
  • The digital mindset required for embracing digital fashion development
  • Using CLO3D in combination with other software to develop and create fashion designs
  • Software interfacing between various creative software programmes

How you will study

The study methods involved in taking this course
  • Video lectures and video guidance for using CLO3D software 
  • Self-directed research and experimentation based on learning materials provided
  • Directed Assignments to implement your learning

What you need to study on this course

The key equipment and services you need to be able to access and study on this course
  • CLO3D software licence (a 30 day trial is available from CLO - enough for you to know if you can get on with it)
  • A sufficiently powerful computer and a 3 button mouse
  • A fast internet connection with unlimited data transfer
syllabus & curriculum overview (full curriculum AVAILABLE on enrolment)

3DESIGN: The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Design

Unit 01
Unit 02
Unit 03
Unit 04
Unit 05
Unit 06

The kick-off with course structure and overview

The Digital Professors introduce themselves and provide material to outline the equipment you need for the course, how to navigate the course, the process for downloading and accessing your 2 month CLO3D academic licence (available until end December 2023), and the course learning outcomes
02 Construct & Reconstruct

Pattern transformation & digital re-creation 

Discover and learn about new working processes and techniques resulting from the transition to 3D digital design and development from traditional methods
03 Texture & prints

Interfacing software for graphics, prints and texture

Construct a designer T-shirt with folded seams and apply placement prints and graphics using illustrator/photoshop while recreating accurate fabric textures
04 Dress My Avatar

Adjusting & fitting to the avatar

Choosing and importing avatars to adapt, change and personalise. Layering garments on the avatar to create outfits
05 the art of pleating

Analysing drape & volume

Analysis of drape and volume to understand folds and pleats and learn how to create volume in 3D designing
01 Challenge

The challenge to create your first digital fashion asset

This unit is informative, motivational, and playful with a CLO3d working method introduction leading to the challenge of creating your first digital fashion asset

Dedicated to finishing and final presentation

Completing garments, outfit, avatar poses and photoshoot scenes for presentation while developing and finalising technical packs for production

Concluding the course and obtaining your certificate

To conclude the course we recap on the DRESSX Collaboration in preparation for you to be briefed to design outfits for a capsule collection for review and selection for development as NFTs for the DRESSX platform.

You will then proceed to access and download your certificate.
curriculum overview for Introduction and UNit 01 (full curriculum AVAILABLE on enrolment)

The Digital Fashion Group Academy reviews so far...

"The Digital Fashion Group Academy is the best learning platform I found so far. I was really surprised with the possibilities."
Shannon Sim
Fashion Courses Leader LASALLE College of Arts, Singapore
"I loved the interactiveness, I met a lot of new friends on here and loved being able to interact with them and connect further. "
Jye Marshall
Digital Designer, Melbourne, Australia
"This course (Digital Fashion 101) inspired me to launch my first capsule collection." 
Giancarlo Pazzanese
Design Lecturer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"I love the engagement and the ability to interact with other students from diverse cultures."
Anthony Ibegbulem
Digital Fashion Designer, Nigeria
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