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Daniella Loftus

Daniella Loftus is a digital fashion designer and the founder of This Outfit Does Not Exist, a platform bringing Digital Fashion to life. Combining her background in Fashion and Technology, Loftus aims to educate the Fashion Industry about the ways Digital Fashion can and will disrupt consumption and production practices.
This Outfit Does Not Exist is built on two pillars: explanation and exhibition. Each month Loftus publishes 3,000-word explainer essays covering Digital Fashion's impacts on sustainability, creativity, the Metaverse and beyond. She also showcases Digital Fashion's aesthetic potential through her Instagram - earning her acclaim as the first human to influence Digital-only Fashion.
This Outfit Does Not Exist has been featured by influential news sites, such as Bloomberg and Nikkei, and also fashion magazines such as Maze. Loftus is also the first partner and 'PolymXth' of leading Digital Fashion House The Fabricant, hosting weekly Clubhouse rooms with industry leaders from fashion, blockchain, and gaming, and authors monthly deep dives into The Wardrobe of The Metaverse. She graduated in Political Science and Government from New York University.

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