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Dr. Evridiki Papachristou

Dr Evridiki Papachristou is a fashion engineer, an academic and a 3D virtual product development expert. She also works as curator, educator, consultant, writer, reviewer and rapporteur of European projects. Papachristou is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Effective Integration of 3D Virtual Prototype in the Product Development Process of Textile/Clothing.
After several years of researching and practising the effective integration of 3D virtual prototypes in the apparel industry, Papachristou is currently conducting applied research on the intersection of fashion, data mining and knowledge discovery, to further the technology and its adoption. She is also interested in the role of Industry 4.0 in creating institutional, social and cultural change towards more sustainable and circular practices.
Papachristou is also a research member of the CAD/CAM Lab (Technical University of Crete- School of Production Engineering & Management). Recent research projects involve a Conceptual Fashion Product Design Assisted by Artificial Intelligence - AI-CFPD, co-financed by Greece and the EU. She is a resident expert on platform, sharing her views & research in implementing and adopting 3D.
Papachristou is Digital Professor of Artificial Intelligence at The Digital Fashion Group Academy and an assistant professor in the Creative Design & Clothing Department of the International Hellenic University.

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