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Gonçalo Cruz

Gonçalo Cruz is the co-founder of PlatformE, a fashion industry platform for MTO (made-to-order) powering mass digital experiences for some of the biggest fashion houses at LVMH, Kering and independent groups. Cruz is an Industrial Engineer and an avid entrepreneur passionate about technology, especially related to web, commerce, and retail, and also virtual (3D, AR, VR). 

He is also a co-founder of the digital fashion startups DDIGITT and Skinvaders, having an active role in the digital transformation of the fashion industry through several perspectives, from production and brand development to consumer and virtual experiences. Cruz is part of the Advisory Board of MyDidimo and MOXY. His previous experiences include companies such as FedEx, Accenture, and Groupon.

Cruz holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Porto and a Master's in Literary, Cultural and Interart Studies from the same University.

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