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Irene-Marie Seelig

Irene-Marie is currently the co-founder at AnamXR, an early stage startup coined as 'The Shopify for Web-Based Virtual Reality E-Commerce and Experiences'. Previously, Irene-Marie was the Innovation Program Manager at Swarovski, where she lead a cross-functional team to commercialize a portfolio of material products focused on additive manufacturing and circular economy.

Prior to her tenure at Swarovski, Irene-Marie worked at Stella McCartney advising product marketing within sustainability and also built a biomaterials startup, Amadou Leather, offering a circular, vegan/cruelty-free alternative to leather that is grown from mushrooms.

Irene-Marie Seelig is a multi-award winning sustainability, technology and innovation expert with over a decade of global experience driving growth in Fortune 500 companies and building startups within the luxury, premium goods and internet retail industries. Irene-Marie specializes in managing the development of user-driven solutions from ideation to launch powered by circular systems thinking, planet-centric design and UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

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