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Dr. Livia Pinent

Dr Lívia Pinent is an anthropologist and strategic communications specialist working on applied research focused on fashion and innovation. Her studies and research projects aim to better understand and communicate how innovation interacts in the fashion industry and how it impacts consumption and culture. 

Pinent holds a MA in Anthropology, a PhD in Communications Sciences and is the founder of the Fashion Culture Innovation Bureau, a consultancy working in the interaction of communication, marketing and research through case studies, interviews, articles, social media content and more. Fashion Culture develops applied research focused on culture, trends, and consumption in the fields of fashion, creativity and innovation. 

Through qualitative research and an ethnographic approach, Pinent researches and analyses cultural practices. Through finding trends, patterns and insights, the aim is to explain how people consume, understand and interact with clothing and fashion in the contemporary scenario.

Pinent is Digital Professor for Research at The Digital Fashion Group Academy. She brings a fresh approach to academic methodology in research applied to the reality of fashion design students, new technologies and digital fashion.

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