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Lorenzo Albrighi

Lorenzo Albrighi is one of the pioneers of Fashion Blockchain. He is the co-founder and CEO of blockchain-powered circular fashion platform Lablaco, a circular retail platform enabling brands and retailers to digitize and connect items at all steps of the value chain.
From Italian/American and English families, Albrighi was born in London but raised between Florence and Milan, where he grew a deep passion for the Italian fashion scene. He started sewing as an apprentice tailor at 20 years old in the historical sartoria A. Caraceni in Milan, serving clients from Karl Lagerfeld, Gianfranco Ferrè and Calvin Klein. After two years of learning the basics of traditional Italian bespoke tailoring he moved to Florence to learn the basics of cutting suits from Neapolitan cutter and master Mario Sciales at Sartoria M. Marinaro, serving the Florentine aristocracy as the Pucci family and other historical families.
After this period, he set up his own tailoring house, featured in the Louis Vuitton Milan City Guide as one of the best ateliers in town, with clients ranging from members of the Arab Royal family, fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, to the Co-Founder of Net-A-Porter, Arnaud Massenet, who then became the first investor in Lablaco.
Albrighi has been at the forefront of disrupting the linear fashion system, especially in the luxury market. Since its beginning, Lablaco has contributed to a more sustainable fashion system, based on future innovations in the industry and in the accessibility of conscious shopping.

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