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Lui Iarocheski

Lui Iarocheski is a fashion designer working in the intersections of digital design and the fashion industry through the whole supply chain, since digitized on-demand production to brand skins in the gaming industry. He has 10+ years of experience within the fashion system.

The designer founded his label IAROCHESKI back in 2013 and showcased collections in fashion weeks in Vienna, Vancouver, and Sao Paulo - being voted by L'Officiel Hommes as one of the top 5 menswear labels in Brazil. Today, Iarocheski is the Group Marketing Director at PlatformE, overseeing the development and placement of the creative elements that position the company and its subsidiaries (PlatformE, DDIGITT, Skinvaders, and VALACLAVA) in the market. He is committed to the digitalization of the apparel industry working as an On-demand Fashion, Gaming and 3D Apparel ambassador. Next to digital creation and visualization, PlatformE is on a mission to end Fashion's overproduction problem by providing full circle Made-to-Order tech and strategy implementation to apparel businesses and processes.

He studied Fashion Design in Brazil and went to the University of Boras as an exchange student at The Swedish School of Textile - Bsc Fashion Design. Iarocheski specialised in 3D design and prototyping at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

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