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Michael Ferraro

Mr. Ferraro is the Executive Director of the FIT Design and Technology Lab (DTech) at FIT. He is the Creative Director of the Innovation Center at FIT and responsible for Industry Partnerships and Collaborative Programs for the college.

Creative technologist, researcher, artist and educator, Mr. Ferraro’s career spans the worlds of computer animation, software development, virtual reality media production, fine art, commercial entertainment and higher education.

He came to FIT from Lehman College/CUNY where he spent 12 years as an associate professor in the digital media program of the art department. In 2015, working with students, he won a NY Emmy for Graphics and Animation Supervision for a series of PSA’s entitled “Best of the Bronx”.

During the 90’s, Mr. Ferraro built and exhibited large scale Virtual Worlds in contemporary center’s around the world. Prior to Lehman, Mr. Ferraro founded Possible Worlds an innovative real-time animation studio working with clients such as Warner Bros. MTV, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

In the mid 1980's Mr Ferraro was one of the co-founders of Blue Sky Studios and served as System Architect of the Academy Award winning CGI StudioTM production animation system. Before co-founding Blue Sky, Mr. Ferraro worked on the R&D team of MAGI Synthavision who produced most CGI sequences for the first feature film to use computer animation, Disney’s TRON.

He made his first picture with a computer in 1969.

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